Gwyn Williams Counselling

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Core Process Psychotherapy

I am currently training with the Karuna Institute ('Karuna' meaning Compassion) in a psycho-spiritual therapy called Core Process Psychotherapy, which is a depth relational mindfulness therapy that integrates Buddhist psychology and compassion practices, with western psychotherapeutic theory.


What usually brings someone to therapy is distress in one form or another, from anxiety, shame, fear, anger, loneliness, grief or emotional pain.  There is usually something that doesn't feel quite right, and a felt desire for change of some kind, which might be internal and external.  Therapy can help someone to become 'unstuck' so that they can fully acknowledge a change they are looking for, and move towards that change rather than stay the same. Core Process Psychotherapy can help someone to name their emotional pain or suffering, and to start to face it in a way that feels kind or compassionate.  


Being with distress and suffering is painful and it is natural to want to avoid it.  Many of us develop 'strategies' to bypass difficult feelings.  We can, for example, disassociate from our feelings by becoming very calm or 'numbing out', or can 'act out' our anxiety by fixing on and recycling our worries, ruminating or becoming compulsive in one way or another.  We may contract around our anxiety and become quite reactive in how we deal with people, situations and difficulties, which can compound our distress.  We may have arguments and blame others, rather than own our anger or vulnerability and own our suffering.  These 'survival strategies' can eventually keep us stuck and we can start to believe that that set of behaviours is who we are, as we identify increasingly with these strategies, and become quite fixed around them, which can further shut us down from our inherent health.  


We can start to go beyond these defence mechanisms, and touch the pain that they 'protect' us from.  In facing our emotional pain, rather than avoiding it, we can acknowledge our suffering which also contains the seeds of wholeness.  As uncertainty, anxiety, and a level of suffering, can be seen as a natural part of life, in integrating this within ourselves as part of our healthy psyche, we can start to remove the blocks that obscure the inherent wholeness at our core.  


In exploring what is happening for you, and what is arising, there is the possibility of allowing what you may have been pushing out of your awareness, to emerge from the shadows into consciousness, with the hope of integrating this is in a more conscious way, and responding to distress differently.  A deepening sense of inner space can create more choice in how someone responds to life, as well as a more compassionate and freer relationship to themselves and others.


My approach is holistic and creative, with an intention to support you to develop embodied awareness, explore and release old patterns. This is not a 'quick fix', but I can help you to explore your relationships to yourself, others and your experience of the world.  Relational awareness helps us to see what keeps us stuck in patterns that no longer work and through  awareness, change becomes possible.