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  Natural Health Clinic, 98 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9LP.  tel: 07533 496568  





Natural Health Clinic

98 Cathedral Road,


CF11 9LP


Tel: 07533 496568


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When we notice our thoughts and emotions as they arise, and become aware of them, we can decide what actions we want to take, rather than being controlled by them.

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Instead of our bad mood feeding itself, we can work with our brains to create positive spirals. We can help ourselves to feel safe, and develop emotions like compassion that help us to regulate our system and create more balance. When we become separate from our self, we can manifest distress in our lives in many different forms, such as trauma, confusion, fear, deep sadness, anger and addiction.  The intention of a therapeutic interaction is to help someone to reconnect with themselves, knowing that as they do so, their own innate wisdom can guide them in the right direction.