Gwyn Williams

    Counselling & Psychotherapy

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  Natural Health Clinic, 98 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9LP.  tel: 07533 496568  






'Anguish maintains its power only as long as we allow it to intimidate us.  If we try to avoid a powerful wave looming above us on the beach, it will send us crashing into the sand and surf.  But if we face it head-on and dive right into it, we discover only water.' - Stephen Batchelor

I offer a safe, non-judgmental space for a client to focus on their distress in whatever way that manifests, from anxiety, anger, sadness and depression.  



I am a humanistic counsellor with compassion and empathy being an integral part of the work.



I invite clients to bring attention to their emotional inner world, in order to deepen into awareness and allow more space for difficulty, which can bring with it the potential for change. 





I am deepening my understanding of humanistic practice by currently following a Masters training course in Core Process Psychotherapy at Karuna Institute.  This course emphasises the importance of compassion, and draws upon aspects of Buddhist mindfulness techniques, psychodynamic techniques and person-centred relational therapy.  How we relate to ourselves and the therapist in the room can bring insight into how we relate to ourselves and others in the world.