Gwyn Williams


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  Natural Health Clinic, 98 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9LP.  tel: 07533 496568  



It is not our fault that we have this difficult brain with its hyperactive threat system, which we did not choose. But we can all learn to use what we know about our brain to work positively for real change. We can learn to replace poor coping mechanisms with efforts that work better in helping us to protect ourselves, to have good relationships, and to have happier lives. We can check in with ourselves: how would my Compassionate Self approach this situation if it were in control? This is hard work and is done with the deepest respect for the courage that you show.  A compassionate approach recognises that life is filled with difficulties and that we all feel pain, fear, sadness, anger, loss, grief, and broken-heartedness in our lives.  It recognises that these are not signs of weakness, but are normal human experiences.

A humanistic approach can help a client to explore feeling safe in their true or 'core' self, to soften into themselves, and to develop greater awareness of how they 'do' themselves. Therapy can help you to become more whole, to heal old wounds, to see through fears, to learn self-acceptance, and to develop your compassion for yourself.

I work with distress, however it arises, whether that be anxiety, sadness, fear, anger, depression. I work with compassion, non-judgement, and help a client to notice what is happening in their mind, and to connect to their feelings in a way that offers the potential for change. Many clients may feel initially that they have lost their curiosity for the world, and gaining a deeper sense of themselves can be a restorative, creative and kind way to become more aware of positive ways of working, and noticing where and how they might become stuck.

We can check in with ourselves: how would my Compassionate Self approach this situation if it were in control?


'Anguish maintains its power only as long as we allow it to intimidate us.  If we try to avoid a powerful wave looming above us on the beach, it will send us crashing into the sand and surf.  But if we face it head-on and dive right into it, we discover only water.' - Stephen Batchelor