Gwyn Williams


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  Natural Health Clinic, 98 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9LP.  tel: 07533 496568  



A humanistic approach believes that empathy and non-judgment are essential to the healing process that therapy can offer.




I welcome distress in whatever form it manifests, from deep sadness, anger, fear or anxiety, without judgment and without wishing those feelings to be anything other than they are.  By noticing our feelings, naming them, and staying with them, we can deepen into our relationship with ourselves and come to know ourselves at a deeper level of being and consciousness.


I understand therapy as being a very creative process, where a client can work towards change by really knowing the places that keep them ‘stuck’ or ‘imprisoned’ in themselves.  In deepening into awareness, a client can become clearer about the unconscious steps they may have taken in the past that led them to becoming so distressed or unhappy in themselves, and such awareness can help them to make different choices in the future, or to take greater care of themselves, and to take real ownership of their feelings.  I believe that in feeling our feelings, we can become freer to allow new growth and energy into our lives, with the potential to move towards change.


'Anguish maintains its power only as long as we allow it to intimidate us.  If we try to avoid a powerful wave looming above us on the beach, it will send us crashing into the sand and surf.  But if we face it head-on and dive right into it, we discover only water.' - Stephen Batchelor


I am deepening into my counselling training by currently taking a masters in Mindfulness Based Core Process psychotherapy, with its focus on staying with feelings and sensations in the body, and enquiring into those emotional areas of distress.  Words, images or feelings may surface as a client sits with their bodily feelings and emotions, which can help a client to have a clearer sense of their emotional pain.  Messages that we have learnt as children about ourselves may still be subconsciously controlling our lives as adults, and by paying close attention to these messages we can start to feel more empowered about those ‘structures’ and even create new messages for ourselves, which ‘fits’ who we are now.